Jenny Ruth Yasi

 Author and comedian Jenny Ruth Yasi lived  on an island  off the coast of Maine for 30 years, raising two daughters together with her husband, Albert Presgraves, who commuted to the mainland to work as a civil environmental engineer. He retired in 2016 and they sailed off on a 1971 Banger pilot house ketch.

Jenny’s debut novel, “The Whole Stunned World Between Boston and Burma,” won the OMNI International Peace Writing prize for fiction, and the Richard Carbonneau award at the Stone Coast Writer’s conference. Her collection of short stories, “When People Ask Me How I Learned to Swim” will be available soon on Her short stories have been anthologized (In “Women Behaving Badly,”  in “Liberation Literature,” and the University of Maine’s “Words and Images”), and her non-fiction articles have been distributed in national publications such as Mothering Magazine, Clean Run, Folk Song in the Classroom, and elsewhere.

Jenny has also been a professional animal trainer since 1996, and many of her recent publications  are concerned with animal and human behavior science research.

Jenny and Albert have two grown daughters, a beloved son-in-law, and two grandchildren. Together, Jenny and Albert built one super energy efficient home and raised 75% of the food they ate. In the past five years they sold that house and bought/sold/renovated three others, with an eye to making the world a cleaner greener place. They found and renovated their old boat beginning in 2008 and sailed it home from Puerto Rico in 2012. Albert retired in 2016 and they are now living a bohemian year, sailing in the Bahamas.

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