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Intimate Strangers

When a small group of traveling women gathered the other day to make yogurt, we wound up talking about passion, marriage, our crazy womens’ ┬ábodies, and sex. It was a really fun, amazingly intimate and empowering exchange. We shared all … Continue reading

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Christmas in the Bahamas

When we were first contemplating a long term sailing adventure, I whined that I did not want my life to be about sharing sundowners with strangers. Community is important to me. How can anyone cultivate community while traveling? Albert insisted, … Continue reading

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Hot water

For those of you interested in full technical details, I wanted to set our water story straight. Magus carries 200 gallons of fresh water in tanks which we filled in Maine before we left. So, we have cold running water … Continue reading

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The whole world

I’ve always been told I’m too sensitive. Maybe that’s why I love swimming so much. In the water, I feel soul molecules. No one interferes with how much I feel when I am swimming. I accomplish nothing, want nothing, am … Continue reading

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Bahamas Babe

Our Bahamian Adventure as middle-age Grandparents is understandably different from when we were newly married, beginning our family and on our honeymoon adventure ┬áto Jamaica 31 years ago. We’re reminded of how awful young love can be as we’ve observed … Continue reading



We are just getting ready to cross the Gulf Stream tonight after several weeks in Florida. It is just miserably hot and surprisingly urban. For this Mainer, Florida has been a shocking juxtaposition of wild exotic jungle and cold high … Continue reading

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Gulf Stream

We left Palm Beach (Lake Worth inlet) in the dark. I was ready to leave earlier, after speed boat wakes had tossed me head over tail in the cockpit, but Albert wisely had us time our West End arrival for … Continue reading

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