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author, sailor, animal trainer,rally, agility and freestyle competitor, owner/proprietor Whole Dog Camp, now located in Freeport, Maine. For 31 years we lived on Peaks Island Maine. Now we are sailing with our 2 dogs in the Bahamas, and will return to Maine in 2017

Gulf Stream

We left Palm Beach (Lake Worth inlet) in the dark. I was ready to leave earlier, after speed boat wakes had tossed me head over tail in the cockpit, but Albert wisely had us time our West End arrival for … Continue reading

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We finally found some jungle. We left St Augustine the day after Thanksgiving. That City felt very touristy, too touristy really. While we enjoyed the architecture and the Thanksgiving cruising community, for some reason I wind up awkwardly telling my … Continue reading


Some gross stuff

We caught a fish. We had it for breakfast.  But between catching it and eating it, we had a lot to digest. Parental disgression advised.    

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The quietest place in the world

In the morning we motored on the ICW. After we left Charleston, we motored past mile after mile of expensive waterfront summer homes, with their hurricane damaged docks and boats.     If you don’t believe in climate change, go … Continue reading


Rest Station

I am learning that there is just no free ride in sailing. After a glorious start to our overnight sail into Charlston, we woke to steep short chop, bashing waves breaking on the bow. Our bilge alarm went off in … Continue reading

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When the bilge pump alarm goes off, it is LOUD. If adrenaline is helpful, then loud bilge alarms work great! I had just laid down to close my eyes, Albert was taking over the helm. In this video we were … Continue reading

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In 3.3 knots, sailing fromWrightville Beach to Charlston

The sail started out beatiful, peaceful. I sang to relieve post election stress.

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