Stand up comedy

Jenny2If you think midlife is funny you should come and hear Jenny. After thirty of years marriage, motherhood and other adventures, Jenny is still the youngest spirit in any room. Joyful, uninhibited, sexy and honest to a fault, this rising comedy star puts together a world of adult adventures into a night that will Jennypromo1leave you feeling braver. Jenny applies her funny feelings onto such serious situations such as popularity contests, and why people hate you when you’re popular.  A dog trainer by trade, Jenny is into behavior science and can explain why, biologically,  it’s good to be bad. She’s performed at fundraisers, clubs and Maine summer camps such as Wassamkee Springs,Funny Fridays at Andy’s Old Port Pub, and various benefits for Comedy Denizens.

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The Whole Stunned World

Debut novel for Jenny Ruth Yasi

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